Friday, February 11, 2011

Student Profile: Anna Harlow

The Albion College Art Department is home to a plethora of students interested in many different arenas of art. The Bulletin will frequently profile some of these students. This week's profile features Anna Harlow, a senior from Marshall, MI.

Anna is a senior Art Major, seen here in her Printmaking class.

Why did you choose to be an Art Major?
I took a lot of art classes in high school, so when I got to college the classes here seemed pretty interesting. I didn't want to go through college doing something I didn't like doing, and I like making art.
What was the first art class you took at Albion?
Drawing, with Professor Anne Barber, the first semester of my freshman year. I felt pretty cool, being the girl carrying around one of those big art portfolios.
What piece of work has been your most rewarding? Your most challenging?
The project I disliked the most was my welding project in Sculpture - I was afraid of the blowtorch, so I kinda just threw something together and helped it stand up without having to weld it too much. My favorite piece of work has been the installation I did using chairs and text; I did it last semester for my Sculpture as Installation independent study. Early last semester a close friend of mine died, so I wanted to do something to commemorate her but that also talked about the relationships between our spirits and bodies.
You spent a semester doing the New York Arts Program. How did that impact you?
 It gave me a lot more confidence as an artist. As a photography intern at Saturday Night Live, I had to compete with a lot of other interns and there was always a lot of hustle and bustle. I had to learn how to outshine my competition and stick up for myself.
What Albion professor has impacted you the most?
Professor Lynne Chytilo. I was a little bit scared to do my Sculpture independent study, but Lynne taught me how to make deeper, more meaningful works of art. She helped push my best ideas out of me.
What are your plans after you graduate from Albion?
I want to move back to New York City and find an arts-related job there. I don't want to work some 9 to 5 job I hate. As long as I can find a job I love and I can make enough money just to survive, I'll be happy.

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