Friday, March 18, 2011

Rust Belt to Artist Belt Conference: Detroit

There is an exciting artist conference happening in Detroit on April 6 & 7. Entitled Rust Belt to Artist Belt III: Detroit, it will be a great showcase of creativity and innovation. A list of events and speakers (so many!) can be found here. Taken from the website:

The mission of the 2011 Rust Belt to Artist Belt conference is to create the foundation for a sustained dialogue that connects an entire creative supply chain; from creative practitioners such as individual artists and designers, to creative sector business owners, to advanced manufacturers and prototypers. This creative supply chain will serve as a catalyst for economic growth in rust belt cities that have experienced financial losses due to the downturn in the manufacturing industry.  It will also serve to connect post-industrial cities to viable growing cultures that, properly incentivized, can improve aesthetics and grow population as employment opportunities in the creative supply chain increase. 

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